Can On-Farm NIR Analysis Improve Feed Management?

Farm Food Management 2Feed cost is one of the largest expenses on dairy farms. In addition to being a major cost, over feeding, under feeding or feeding an improperly balanced diet can impair cow health, decrease milk production, and result in negative environmental impacts. Regular dry matter (DM) testing of feeds and rebalancing the ration to compensate for DM changes ensures that dairy producers are feeding the ration formulated by their nutritionist. Where trade names appear, no discrimination is intended, and no endorsement by Penn State Extension or by the author is implied.

Frequency and Methods of Dry Matter Determination

The frequency at which dairy farms test forages for DM varies from farm to farm. Penn State recommends weekly testing of silage DM. While some test this frequently, many dairy farmers or their nutritionists will test once or twice a month. Less frequent testing results in a greater chance of missing a change in silage DM and an improperly formulated ration.

The most common methods of on-farm DM analysis are using a Koster tester or microwave oven. Either of these methods will work, but they can take 20 to 30 minutes and must be monitored to make sure the samples are not over heated.

Near Infrared (NIR) Analysis

Near-infrared technology has been used in commercial laboratories to analyze feed and other agricultural products for years. NIR measures the light (in the near-infrared spectrum) reflected off of a sample of interest when analyzed in a spectrophotometer. NIR is faster and lower cost than using traditional wet chemistry methods to determine the nutritional composition and DM of feeds.

Only recently has NIR technology been applied to an on-farm setting. On-farm systems work similarly to NIR used in a lab setting; a feed sample is put in front of a scanner, the scanner analyzes the feed sample, and the result is returned to the farmer or nutritionist who then can make management decisions regarding the feed.

On-farm NIR greatly decreases the amount of time it takes for a farmer to receive information about the composition of feed being fed to his dairy cows. Traditional wet chemistry methods of feed analysis often take a week or more from the time the sample is collected to the time the results are returned to the farmer or nutritionist. With laboratory NIR the turnaround time from when a sample is collected to the time the results are back can be decreased to a few days. With on-farm NIR results are returned instantly to the farmer, allowing management decisions to be made on the spot.

Application of On-farm NIR Analysis

One on-farm NIR system available is the Dinamica General precisionFEEDING system. This system utilizes an NIR analyzer mounted in the bucket of the tractor. Each time feed is scooped into the bucket the analyzer scans the feed and the amount of feed needed to be added to the mixer is adjusted based on the DM content of the feed. Samples are also analyzed for crude protein, NDF, ADF, ash, fat, and starch.
Dry matter content of corn silage can vary widely from day to day. While the average of these readings would be around 32 or 33% DM, the range went from as low as 25% DM to as high as 41% DM over the six months shown here. Much of the variation in DM content, especially the very low readings, is likely related to precipitation events. By adjusting the ration on the spot, cows receive a more consistent ration from day to day and feed waste can potentially be reduced.

As an example, if a ration calls for 50 pounds of corn silage on an as-fed basis and DM is assumed to be 33%, 16.5 pounds of corn silage DM will be fed. For each one-point deviation of the actual %DM from the assumed %DM the dairy farmer will over or under feed 0.5 pounds of corn silage per cow per day. If the actual DM of the corn silage is 28% the cows will only receive 14 pounds of corn silage on a dry matter basis.

An Italian study compared dairy farms using on-farm NIR systems (dg precisionFEEDING System) with farms not using the system (study summary). In this study, feed costs were $0.09 per cow per day less and milk production was 5.6 pounds more per cow per day (65.9 vs. 71.5 pounds/cow per day) on farms using the NIR system than on farms not using the system. For a 200-cow dairy this would result in approximately $73,584 of increased revenue from milk sales (assuming $18/cwt milk) and a $6,570 savings in feed cost per year. Increased production was attributed to a more consistent ration being delivered to the herd. Lower feed cost was attributed to being able to feed more precisely to the needs of the herd and thus decreasing feed waste. The study also reported an improvement in the general health of the herd, based on changes in blood parameters and a reduction in mastitis.

Exactly how Animal Agriculture Impacts The Environment?

Animal Enviromental Impact 2We might believe it matters not way too much just what we eat or how our food is produced. Nevertheless, it ends up that the whole planet is now based on the food choices each people makes on a daily basis. It is real to say that many people conscientiously try to reduce their effect on the environment by walking, bike-riding or car-pooling instead of driving, by increasing their very own veggies in your home, as well as by minimizing power consumption. Yet, there is one act that could limit the impact on the environment immensely, which is to just pick what we eat a little bit more carefully.

Extinction of types and danger to water products

Meat as well as dairy manufacturing makes use of a third of world earth’s fresh consuming water. Pet agriculture makes use of 55 % of our fresh water reserves. In order to produce a one pound beef burger, around 3000 litres of fresh water is called for, which includes irrigation of the grains and also lawns in feed plus water for alcohol as well as processing. Consider that a typical bath takes around 80 litres of water whereas the ordinary electrical shower sprays out around 6 litres a minute.

Methane gas from cattle overshadows the damages to the environment from carbon emissions as a result of international production and also transport. Actually, 51 % of all greenhouse gas exhausts originate from pet farming, baseding on the Food and also Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Furthermore, cultivatable land is consumed and forests are hacked to make more space for cattle ranches. Data show that between 4000 to 8000 square meters of virgin rainforest is removed every minute and 91 % of this logging is to make even more area available for pet agriculture. On a daily basis, animal varieties are lost because of rainforest devastation. Animal farming is amongst the leading causes of ocean dead zones, water pollution as well as wild environment devastation.

A person who consumes a vegan diet plan makes 50 % much less CARBON DIOXIDE as well as makes use of an 11th of the nonrenewable fuel sources, a 13th of the water and an 18th of the land as compared to a meat-eater, according to a research study led by ecologist Peter Scarborough and also his team of scientists. Going vegan or taking steps to reduce and/or eventually get rid of animal healthy protein from our diet plans is the most efficient method to decrease our CO2 discharges as well as conserve our water as well as forests.

Close Look At Natural Farming

Natural Farming 4Farming is the only indispensable occupation, as it is the source of sustaining life. In addition, this life support system seems to be undergoing a lot of change in terms of cultivation as well as marketing. This mutual change of perception towards farming can be attributed to the fact, that day-by-day, there has been an increase in population, leading to an increased demand for food too Considering this huge demand for vegetables and a gap between the demand and supply of vegetables has led to the introduction of conventional farming to match the requirement. However, various experts have been saying that the yield produced of natural farming are rich with nutrients and, therefore, people should avoid conventional farming. So, before we dig deep into what and how of natural farming, here is a look at what exactly natural farming is all about:

“Natural farming also known as organic farming is an ecological farming method introduced by Japanese. This method focuses at avoidance of manufactured inputs and equipments. In addition, natural farming like its name is focussed at cultivation the natural way.” Experts have been stating that the yield produced out of natural farming are filled with the needed nutrients and prove to be a boon when consumed. Therefore, experts have been suggesting various organic farming methods like using of various organic ingredients instead of chemicals to give the plants the needed strength and nutrition to grow. In addition, organic farming methods also include the use of manure made the natural way through animals and compost instead of fertilizers that increase the risk of the affecting the soil quality after a some years. Farmers who opt for natural farming opt for crop rotation to maintain the quality of the soil.

There are many effective ways of protecting the crop through organic farming methods. Instead of pesticides that in addition to protecting the crop, kill the various natural crop protectors like frogs and birds. Therefore, organic farming methods focus at creating new living areas for wasps, bugs, beetles that are considered to be the best natural pesticides. However, here is a look at the glaring difference between natural farming and conventional farming:

1. Conventional method uses the application of chemical fertilizers to the soil to grow crops, whereas organic builds soil through use of natural ways
2. Conventional way of protecting crops is through spraying insecticides and pesticides whereas organic way encourages on relying on natural enemies of pests.
3. In a conventional method, herbicides are used to control or to remove weeds. However, in an organic way, weeds are manually pulled.

Thus, with stark contrast and salient features, it is proved that natural farming is the best. In addition, it is also suggested by many for the following benefits:

a. Helps the farmers to reduce their production cost
b. Helps healthy farms
c. From a long term perspective, natural farming helps save energy and protect the environment too
d. Helps slow down global warming
e. Does not pollute the ground water
f. Helps balance the biodiversity

Thus, with so many benefits many are trying their level best to shift to natural farming. However, to get maximum yields through natural farming, one needs to know the various ways and techniques thoroughly. Therefore, Mahendra Trivedi reviews regularly the various ways and means of natural farming.

Types of Agriculture Pumps

Agriculture Pump 2


Being a farmer, it is always hard for him to find out what works well in his fields. Maintaining the fertility of the soil and keeping it all look green is sometimes one of the hardest battles that a farmer usually face. Unfortunately, if he is not making use of the necessary measures, all his work goes in vain. This is because, other than just maintaining the fertility of the soil there are many other things that are necessary for a farmer to be deemed about. For example, where to get the consistent water flow?…There are basically three factors which are responsible for a high yield in the fields;

Advanced agricultural facilities
Water pumps for irrigation

Due to growing modern technology, many effective equipments have been designed which has put an impact on the growth of crops in the recent years. Let us find out the different types of water pumps which are being used for agriculture purposes nowadays.

Solar pumps

Solar Pumps, as the name signifies work on the sun power and they possess a photovoltaic cell which takes the sun energy to charge up and the pump starts to work pretty similar to the other ones which are electrically driven. Thus, these pumps are always installed having their photovoltaic cells facing the sun. Due to their high efficiency engines, these pumps are capable to pump gallons of water in a minute.

Monoblock Pumps

The monoblock series, as the name suggests is comprised of a compact shape and size units and these pumps are being utilized for varied agricultural applications. They are easy to install and operate and are free of any requirements related to couplings and base plates, which is also a factor that these pump units are quite less costly than the other pump systems. Undoubtedly, monoblock pumps offer a convenient solution to drive water rapidly in the big farms.

Booster Pumps

Booster pumps are most demanded among their supporters and these pumps have a big role to play in driving water faster than the normal in your household water lines. These pumps are comprised of an expansion tank and a bladder and they work via generating pressure in the tank.

Water pumps are no wonder a great facility available for an ordinary farmer. It all depends on which water pump you choose among a variety of options that are available to help support your crops grow beyond your expectations. Above article must have provided you the sufficient information about water pumps and so now you can think of buying one depending upon your requirements.

Wish you a good luck!

Creative Farmhouse Designs You Would Love

It is not enough to just own a farmhouse. In fact, to make everything complete, you need to add in the essential details outside and inside your rustic home. Speaking of details, it is important to take note of the things you need to purchase in order to acquire your desired goals. If you are thinking about achieving a ranch design in your place, here are some creative farmhouse designs that you would love:

  • Bed boards

Truly a magnificent sight to look at, with a bed board attached as a backsplash or used as a wall, one can truly feel the oozing rustic hint throughout the area. To add more charm, you can paint the boards with baby blue or white colors.

  • Open Wooden Shelves

Typical on a farmhouse design, shelves without covers certainly work magic. With it being open, you can not only use it as a storage area, but you can also freely use this advantage to display glass containers and other home decors.

  • Wooden Countertops

No one could deny that a wooden countertop is a staple among farmhouses. With its lovely surface, visitors will surely marvel at your warm kitchen and dining area.

  • White Porcelain Dishes

To emphasize the rustic feeling on your wooden shelves and countertops, use white dishes for an immaculate touch. You can even use the old ones too. With white dishes as your main material, you’ll create an elegant, stylish, and simple look.

  • DIY Wooden Box

A DIY wooden box is easy to create. Just collect some small wooden planks and attach them together to form a box. This wooden box will do well as a container for fresh flowers. You can place this on top on your dining table or living room desks.

  • Beat-up Tables

If some people will turn their noses on beat-up tables, farmhouse enthusiasts will lovingly accept them into their homes. Choose tables from thrift stores or on vintage shops to get the cheapest and the most compatible one for your treasured home.

  • Essential Fabrics

If you want to create a country style home, choosing fabrics must be taken with caution. Examples of farmhouse fabrics include burlap, ticking, grain sack, or linen.

  • Wooden Crates

Definitely a creative way to provide storage, a wooden crate will do well on your front patio as a container for reading materials, porch pillows, or any other materials you can think of.

  • Used Stepladder

If you have a tiny beat-up stepladder that you don’t use anymore, you can actually bring a new purpose to this by using it as a side table. It is another fun and unique way to recycle because you’ll get to place decorative objects on it like reclaimed picture frames, books, clocks, and other exciting stuff.

If you are one of those people dreaming to have a farmhouse, you can start achieving that goal now. To give you some home ideas on where to find great services, visit Armstrong steel reviews to get inspired.

Services Available from a Sacramento Payroll Processing Company

Payroll processing is a complex operation for any business that employs a large number of employees and workers. Proper payroll administration is needed so that every employee receives his or her salary on time and with all the associated benefits without any problem. It can be difficult for a small business to employ accountants to manage in-house payroll processing. This type of service is generally outsourced to an outside company that specializes in this field. A Sacramento payroll processing company manages everything related to payroll services. It uses latest technology, expert team of accountants and well known payroll software to ensure smooth payroll services for the business.

The outsourcing company assigns an account manager to take care of all payroll issues. The account manager takes complete responsibility to manage the payroll team. It ensures smooth integration of business payroll processes with the company operations. This type of service takes into account the company’s systems, preferences and working methods. First of all, the manager establishes a program to take care of each pay cycle. The program is designed according to the specific needs of the company.

Sacramento payroll processing company takes advantage of a qualified and certified team of accountants who have experience in this field. It ensures quality of data and smooth handling of Sacramento payroll services. The outsourcing company provides complete end to end solution. It offers customized solutions that meet the requirements of HR policies, tax laws and government rules related to employees. Proper management of payroll ensures the business using this service complies with all types of tax laws. Employees are happy when they do not face any problem in their salary related processes. They are able to concentrate on their work and provide their best to the company. The simplified process improves working of the company. It results in higher productivity when the company owner does not have to spend hours handling payroll issues.

Pick an Excellent Realtor to Help You Choose Your New Home

When a recently engaged couple embarks out on the actual query with regard to a house, they are more likely to run go on in the ins and outs with the housing market. Without reliable knowledgeable estate agents, navigating all the waters may be complicated and quite expensive. However there are greedy people who are likely to take advantage of people not really acquainted with all the home system. If you are just starting out or you have to have a greater home to get a developing loved ones, try here to locate brokers that will contentedly allow you to hire as well as obtain a new property. If somebody tells you you don’t need assistance searching for a dwelling, my response will be to tell them you’d probably favor to not ever consider a chance in relation to extra cash.

Housing costs today are generally huge. Purchasing a home has a vast amount more than a mere regular monthly mortgage payment. When you’re a property owner, many of the tasks that are included with it are yours to deal with likewise – from providing insurance policy to keeping the actual roof within very good condition to the washer working. Probably you might be definitely not ready with regard to this type of undertaking. If that’s the truth, click to find out more with regards to renting a residence. When you select this journey, your own month-to-month expenses are usually less and you also don’t need to bother about dwelling servicing. There’s a property manager whose career is always to keep every thing installed and operating correctly.

No matter whether buying a home, property as well as letting a condo, check out the post right here to steer yourself to the folks which can help you realise home ownership. They will definitely work together with you, an individual’s household’s needs as well as your funds to discover exactly the sort of house where one can be happy. They do know that the new home is a amazing determination for your family. It really is considerably above a spot for you to hang a person’s hat, it is a spot to grow, to improve youngsters along with live out your happily ever soon after. Decide on an agent who will comprehend those sensations. Once you have decided on a great real estate agent prudently, a brand new residence in your case is simply just about to happen.

All You Should Find Out About Home Reports

These days, there exists a brand new document that property owners will have to supply in order to go and list their residence for selling in Scotland. It is known as a Home Report, and it gives possible buyers with details with regards to your given dwelling. If you actually will be reselling your current home, one of a initial factors that sometimes you actually or maybe your solicitor must do is actually to receive a new Home Report, as well as to always be prepared to give a replicate of it to those people who communicate curiosity about the actual home. Potential buyers need to check that there exists a Home Report and also be certain to examine it before making an offer on the home. Home Reports are required for the legal protection regarding both the home buyer and the seller.

Every Home Report is actually a gathering of three diverse accounts. These are the Property Questionnaire, Single Survey, plus the particular Energy Report. The particular House Review asks precise questions associated with the present property owner that only they may know the answer. These kind of concerns might be concerning things like advancements that perhaps you have produced to the home while in the period you’ve possessed it, problems that you’ve repaired, as well as other kinds of factors as just the proprietor would know. Proper paperwork must be furnished with regard to any kind of key additions that a person may actually have supervised. Do feel totally free to go to this web-site and Discover More about all the types of questions that’ll be asked.

The particular Single Survey will be with respect to the objective of estimating the particular house’s present-day market place worth, and also should be implemented by an approved surveyor. It not simply enumerates the key options that come with a residence, but is commonly Continued to assess the condition of these features, utilizing a exact scale that possibly ranges from 1, meaning simply no maintenance are essential, to 3, revealing that fixes will be currently desired as a matter regarding some urgency.

Last but not least, the particular Energy Report sets out the actual residence’s over-all electricity performance. This is an important consideration, seeing that electricity pricing is an immediate determination in the total price involving running the house. As well as providing the home a rating, the surveyor will also show how the actual home’s energy efficiency could be upgraded.

Buying House Throughout the Winter Getaways

Willing buyers tend to be being told to maintain their eye peeled intended for buying property over summer season, as specialists report a good emerging tendency for sellers to checklist earlier inside the yr. The Holiday and New Year’s interval is usually a period when genuine estate exercise – just like the relaxation of all of us – slows down down along with takes some sort of break, however the outdated rules are generally changing. Together with a swimming of consumers prepared to leap, agents are usually reporting far more homes upon the market place in mid-January and early on February. Gurus say typically the Christmas vacation shut-down had been getting smaller and reduced, especially the property management fees.

Yrs ago the idea was a good unwritten principle among Realtors that a person use some sort of holiday while a time period to arrive into typically the market, however what we have access to seen within more the latest times is usually you may possibly see home. For potential buyers, there are generally likely to be able to be discounts around throughout the lead-up to Christmas time, as providers who possess listed their very own properties will certainly be eager to offer. They may have experienced a unsuccessful campaign throughout late November, and the actual seller’s determination is rather high. Furthermore, the sensation of getting Christmas arriving towards anyone almost serves as any trigger.

In the event that there’s a great offer on a condo for sale on the kitchen table that might have recently been laughed from a calendar month earlier, the particular seller may well be considering about precisely what their subsequent best alternative is. Gurus also craving buyers for you to stay meticulous in typically the lead-up to be able to Christmas. Suppliers can appropriate their anticipations leading upwards to Christmas time, so a person shouldn’t acquire your eye off the particular real residence market, because you may well see several really very good opportunities. Maneuvering into the particular New Yr, professionals desire vendors in order to think concerning listing early on.

There will be no proof one metro market or even another is actually void associated with buying chances.There tend to be hundreds associated with suburban market segments – hundreds of scaled-down suburban markets – within some sort of single town market. Whilst three-bedroom products in a suburb may well be uncommon along with hugely famous with younger families relocating to the particular area, the suburb is usually also condensed with two-bedroom properties, that therefore generates a buyers’ market with regard to that resource type. Contact your regional broker or why not find out more here? In reality, property or home market is usually generally steady. The real estate market undoubtedly recorded really strong average residence worth growth inside the earlier few decades.